8 December 2023 

Written by Thea Ngele | Senior Lecturer: Public Administration

Public Administration is a critical component of modern governance and plays an imperative role in the function of society. What better proof is there of this than the contemporary frustrations we grapple with in South Africa?

Milpark Business School’s Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDip (Public Admin )) qualification brings together theory and practice to bridge the gap between what is expected from an academic perspective and the public perspective.

The qualification teaches some of the following aspects:

  • Implementation of policies
  • Policy development and analysis
  • Governance and the rule of law
  • Economic development
  • Citizen participation and engagement
  • Ethical leadership and management skills.

The modules that form part of the PGDip (Public Admin) qualification provide students with specialised knowledge and skills that are relevant to understanding the complexities of managing the public sector, and the tools and insights needed to contribute to effective governance. Among others, we cultivate leadership and management skills with our Integrated Public Service Project (IPSP01-8) module, which equips students with the ability to synthesise their knowledge and abilities by investigating a problem within the framework of public service and formulating well-informed recommendations. Students will thus outline a project with an implementation and a monitoring schedule – and will be equipped with information-processing, research and project management skills to complete the final project report. In an increasingly interconnected world, it is important for any public administration qualification to have a global perspective by providing students with opportunities to engage with global issues. With the constant engagements with what is happening from a global perspective, the PGDip (Public Admin) qualification caters to this need.

The modules that form part of the (PGDip Public Admin) qualification are as follows:

  1. Strategic Public Management and Governance (SPMG01-8)
  2. Programme Monitoring and Evaluation (PMEV01-8)
  3. Strategic Public Sector People Management (SPSP01-8)
  4. Public Sector Leadership (PSEL01-8)
  5. Integrated Public Service Project (IPSP01-8)
  6. Public Financial Accountability (PFIA01-8)
  7. Electives: Public Policy Management (PPMA01-8) or Development Economics (DEVS01-8).

The assessment structure of this qualification moves towards a more research-focused approach, which includes a formative and a summative assessment and a group presentation. The reasoning behind this is for students to develop critical thinking skills that can be applied in the real world and to grow personally and professionally in an ethical manner with sound guiding principles.

The PGDip (Public Admin) qualification is geared towards opening up the world of public administration to students. With knowledgeable and supportive lecturers, programme managers and administrators, Milpark Business School provides what is needed to ensure student support and success. 

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