Master of Business Administration

Would you describe yourself as well-educated and well-rounded? Are you able to tackle the myriad problems facing managers in business? Do you care about the environment, understand global issues and conduct business in an ethical and sustainable way? Would you like to acquire advanced general strategic management skills and competencies to enhance your current qualification, knowledge and skills? If the above description applies to you, you are a perfect fit for Milpark Education’s flagship qualification, the MBA!

Postgraduate Diploma

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA)

On your way to an MBA, you need Milpark’s dynamic PGDip (Business Administration) for admission. The PGDip (Business Administration) equips you to excel in the marketplace by providing an immersive experience that will equip you with a variety of skills, such as critical and strategic thinking, problem-solving, responsible, and ethical leadership. Graduates will receive credits for four modules towards the Milpark MBA, which will enhance their career prospects and assist by reducing the time taken to complete the MBA.


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Are you ambitious? Are you working your way up the corporate ladder? Are you in possession of a master’s degree? Would you like to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to design organisational interventions that help deal with real-world challenges? Then why not consider enrolling in Milpark Education’s Doctor of Business Administration degree?

Postgraduate Diploma

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration

Would you like to enhance your managerial capabilities within the senior echelons of the public sector? Why not consider enrolling in Milpark Education’s Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration? 

Executive Education / Short Course

Women in Leadership (Online)

The Women in Leadership programme focuses on leadership through the example and lens of women leaders. It is a highly interactive programme, guided by facilitators with extensive business and leadership experience. The content covers both theoretical approaches and practical applications across the professional, personal and interpersonal dimensions of leadership.

Executive Education / Short Course

New Manager Orientation

The overarching goal of this programme is to provide a general management orientation to newly appointed supervisors and managers at any organisation.

A critical outcome of the programme is to promote employee engagement as a vehicle for organisational effectiveness. Participants will be required to apply pertinent management principles to the requirements of their unique and related job roles.

Executive Education / Short Course

Design Thinking for Problem Solving

This programme aims to introduce participants to the design-thinking methodology, which places the human context at the centre of problem-solving. It will enable participants to assist with creatively solving problems in a familiar environment, and thereby capitalise on opportunities through the application of human-centred design-thinking principles and a range of creative tools and techniques. Participants will explore ways of understanding and framing problems, as well as the key considerations involved in testing and prototyping of systems, services and products.

This short programme is ideal for those individuals wishing to expand their problem solving knowledge and skills through design-thinking methodology in order to improve products, services and systems.

Executive Education / Short Course

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, also known as EQ, is an important factor in personal and professional success.

This programme teaches you to be aware of, and to manage, emotions and relationships. It will teach you how to connect with peers and subordinates and how to manage your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. This can play a part in determining how successful you are in both the business environment and your personal life.

Executive Education / Short Course

Fundamentals of Project Management

This programme aims to equip delegates with the fundamental principles and essential tools and techniques of project management as an approach to strategy implementation.

Executive Education / Short Course

Corporate Governance & Risk Management

Business morality or ethics must permeate the entire operation from top to bottom and be embraced by all stakeholders. The purpose of this programme is to equip students with foundational knowledge and skills in the area of corporate governance.

Executive Education / Short Course

Professional Business Communication

Learn how to address the essential requirements for effective communication in diverse and dynamic organisations. As communication is the centre around which all other organisational phenomena revolve, its so vital to have practical knowledge and skills that enable effective communication in different modes and for various purposes.

Executive Education / Short Course

Practical Data Analysis

Data has changed the face of our world over the last ten years. Businesses, both large and small, deal with massive data volumes, and a lot depends on their ability to glean meaningful insights from them.

This online short programme is intended for people, junior and middle managers that deal with large quantities of data and reports on a regular basis and need to make operational, functional, and strategic decisions.

Executive Education / Short Course

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This short programme introduces delegates to basic financial management principles, tools and techniques applicable in a broad range of management contexts.

It will enable participants to participate meaningfully in managerial processes such as budgeting, costing, pricing, working capital management and the analyses of financial statements. Such competencies are particularly important in entrepreneurial businesses, which might not have access to specialised financial management capabilities.

Since financial performance is a central indicator of effectiveness for any business, the fundamental financial literacy offered through this programme is a compelling requirement for managers at all levels.

Executive Education / Short Course

Applied Project Management

This six-week programme, designed around the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK), will equip the participant with the intermediate to advanced level knowledge required to meaningfully contribute to the conceptualisation, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of project performance, within the context of any corporate strategy.

Executive Education / Short Course

Diversity in Business

Learn how to fully understand the value of inculcating diversity into our businesses, and how to be more aware of the subtle elements within the overall concept of diversity and develop strategies to incorporate them into the fabric of our business practices.