Choose an online format that works for you.

All learning activities are conducted online with options to suit your lifestyle and the level of engagement and flexibility you prefer. 

Studying online requires certain skills such as self-discipline, self-motivation and communication. When you're an online learner, you'll find that you will quickly hone and develop these skills which are important for the workplace.



Distance Learning Online

Online Short Programmes


Ideal for: 

Students who prefer a focused, but scaffolded approached to learning with a mix of real-time and self-paced requirements and regular interaction with peers Students who want to improve their skillset and employability on a continuous basis through lifelong learning short programmes

Weekly objectives and assessments break content into smaller, more manageable chunks


Access to course content at the start of a module

Set meeting times for online classes


Watch class recordings in your own time


Regular real-time interaction with educators and peers via the Milpark virtual learning environment

Continuous support and access to tutors via the online chat room

Online assignments and tests as part of assessment for learning

Online proctored exams




Instructor-led interaction & study from wherever you are online

  • Learning content, activities and assessments are available in a virtual learning environment.
  • Content is available at the start of the module, but weekly milestones guarantee a focused learning journey.
  • The online lecturer engages regularly online with students to facilitate learning. 
  • There are set meeting times for online classes with students having the option to attend classes in real-time or watch the recording in their own time. 



  • Add relevant and practical business skills to your CV while you work at the same time.
  • These programmes provide complete flexibility as you choose your own time and place to participate in the course discussions and activities, while still enjoying dedicated access to your course lecturer and other students through a highly interactive virtual learning environment.
  • 4 - 8 week programmes.


Technology requirements for studying online

Milpark provides students with materials, resources, formative and summative assessments (including online tests and quizzes), discussion opportunities and a number of administrative services as part of the myMilpark and myProgrammes online tuition and support environments. Course materials contain links to additional external resources in the form of links to downloadable documents, websites and videos.

Having access to the above online facilities is essential for efficient communication, learning and success. The student will need continuous (daily) access to study, using the resources mentioned above, and to submit and receive assignments.

Summative assessments (exams) and selected formative assessments will be invigilated remotely with well-proven online proctoring services. Students will need to use their own device and ensure that they have the following minimum system requirements in place:

  • Reliable broadband internet access
  • Firefox/Chrome/Edge web browser
  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF Viewer
  • Ability to scan and upload documents
  • Email/cellphone for notification and communication
  • Access to Microsoft 365 using Milpark student credentials

For remotely proctored exams, students need their own device (laptop, Mac or desktop) with the following minimum system requirements in place:






Chrome OS

Operating System

Windows 7+ macOS 10.11+ Ubuntu 18.04+ Chrome 58+


Intel Pentium or better Intel Intel Pentium or better Intel or ARM

Free Disk Space

250 MB 250 MB 250 MB 250 MB

Free RAM

2 GB1 2 GB1 2 GB1 2 GB1

Upload Speed

0.092 Mbps – 0.244 Mbps2


Any Microphone, either internal or external3


320x240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external3
1. Free RAM is the minimum amount of memory that is not in use by other applications.
2. Depends on the exam settings, secure browser has no upload speed requirement.
3. Only required for proctoring, secure browser functionality does not require audio/visual  recording.