28 February 2022

Written by Dr Manti Grobler - (Consultant | Coach | Lecture)

The recent ‘Twosday’ on 22-2-22 is a palindrome – a date that can be read forwards and backwards with the same meaning. It reminded me that sometimes we have our own palindrome moments in life; where we look forwards and backwards and feel the same. People describe this moment as a feeling of being stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed and powerless. It is when we cannot see the possibility of change or how we can step into a new way of being.

Coaching can help people tap into their potential and create momentum for change. In the same way one goes on an academic journey to improve their business and professional skills, one can visit a coach to develop life skills and achieve personal mastery. Through a coaching programme, you can gain clarity on your personal vision, develop self-awareness and social understanding, and work on self-management and social engagement. These are all capabilities required to be successful, regardless of the multi-faceted roles we fulfil.

It gives me great joy to work with clients as an integral coach and see their personal development as they connect with creativity and possibility, look at their lives with curiosity and kindness, and rediscover who they are. I’m often reminded of the words of Marianne Williamson, who said “as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”. As a coach, I love seeing ‘lights’ being ‘switched’ on.

If you are on an academic journey, consider this question: “Who will I be with this qualification?” If the answer creates a palindrome moment, perhaps it’s time to seek coaching to help ‘switch on your light’.